This is fun – part nine.

It’s a slow process but I’m still here, my coffee cup has doubled in size and the nails are a pinky brown. I have over the months added posters and scraps of paper with quotes that I find inspirational to my wall as I sit here and write. My new book ‘The Singing Fish’ is….progressing nicely. There are times when Life, that crazy old thing, gets in the way of our dreams and aspirations and catches us in her web wherein we can forget what makes us happy or even just content. So today I would like to share the following with you:

‘Whenever we need to make a very important decision, it is best to trust impulse and passion

because reason usually tries to remove us from our dream

saying the time is not yet right

Reason is afraid of defeat

but intuition enjoys life and it’s challenges’  Page 70.

I must admit that Paulo Coelho is my favourite author at the moment, so as long as Mr. Coelho doesn’t mind you may find a few more quotes coming your way.

finally, a little self promotion, my novella:

will be available as a free Kindle download  on March 9th and 10th. So my darlings if you fancy a nice little book to read this weekend here it is!

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Birthday party and life insurance

Last weekend, I went to my little bro’s 50th birthday party. Happy Birthday! Michael Parkinson selling you over 50’s life cover will be through your door any day now!

On a personal note, I thought I handled turning 50 quite well until Mr. Parkinson’s smiling face came through my letterbox, telling me that I didn’t even need to have a medical to qualify for life insurance. Realising that those Sun Life adverts are now aimed at me brought me into a world of reality I wasn’t ready for!

Getting dressed up and having a good time with family was great fun. Drinks, great food and a good band playing live, what more can you ask for?

Oh, how about that older woman who’s had a few wines, is quite jolly and goes up to the band to gush tell them how wonderful she thinks they are? Mmm, yes unfortunately that was me. Oh my,  I never dreamt I would be that person…..where is that Michael Parkinson leaflet?

If you’d like to check the band out yourselves here’s a link.

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The computer says ‘No’

It has been a while since my last blog, this was due in part to firstly my better half’s computer deciding one rainy August day that it just didn’t want to work anymore, in fact it didn’t even want to switch on. Then the following day, which was also another rainy day, my computer made some weird beeping noises, which I have interpreted as “….NO! I do not want to operate anymore” then bluntly switched itself off.

Hubby dusted down our youngest daughter’s old computer and if you remember the old dial-up back in the day, then I don’t need to say anymore. Our next door neighbour kindly said that he had two computers that he didn’t use, so hubby could try them out. Unfortunately they were both in computer heaven as well and I have actually spent quite a few weeks easing my way past five computers sitting on the landing at the top of the stairs. I could have called it a modern installation I suppose!

Luckily though we are now both back in cyberspace and catching up. This may be a little late in the day but best wishes to those who have been affected by Sandy, I hope you are all okay.

It was very strange at first not being able to get online, it really felt as if there was something missing in my life. It was a gentle reminder of how much I took it for granted. But on the positive side I found I had time to read a couple of books and start writing again!


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Bee’s and chunky ears.

Now that I have recovered, I thought I would share my eventful but slightly painful weekend.

Every Friday is Allotment day (just in case you might be wondering what an Allotment is…here in the UK most towns and cities have a designated section of land which is divided into Allotments and these can be rented by people living in the local vicinity to grow their own vegetables/flowers. They date from the WW2 and are still very popular) and was a normal day, weeding etc. When I got home that evening however, my ear started tingling and my response as usual was ‘that someone must be talking about me’ but as time went on and the tingle turned into a burn, I thought ‘Good grief I’ve really cheesed someone off’ (or words to that effect). When I discovered that my ear had doubled in size then it was obvious that something had bitten me, so out came the antihistamines.

That was bad enough but then on Sunday, whilst at the allotment again, it was my turn for shop duties, one of the other allotment holders came and said

“The Bee Man’s here would you like to come and watch him open the hive?”

Well, it seemed a good idea at the time… until bees got stuck in my hair and of course I was stung! When I recounted the episode to my daughters, of how there was myself and two other people lifting up my hair to try and get them out and how I could hear them buzzing and getting angrier and angrier, when they had finished killing themselves laughing dutifully reminded me of how I had told them when they were young to keep away from bees.

So I finished the weekend with a sore head and a chunky ear. Such fun!

End Note: The bees eventually escaped and no harm came to them.

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This is fun Part Eight!

Firstly, I would like to say that I haven’t been sucked into a ‘Big Brother’ void and been there since my last post.

Part Eight on being a new writer is here. The book is written, ‘Kindled‘ and ‘Createspaced.’ I have started a sequel but now I think I have come to a good place. My ego has passed the ‘I may have written a Best Seller’ phase. Having been through the above self-publishing I can say that I admire anyone who follows/has followed this route.

What I have discovered I believe is more valuable to me as a being in the human race. Being a writer is lonely and isolated and I’ll be honest, part of me is quite glad of this, but this journey is more than that, more than just self-expression and actually putting yourself out there to a big, wide world open to praise or criticism. It’s about the world that comes to  you. From philosophical bloggers, photographers and artists, other writers’ and even ‘magic in the middle cookies’ (thank you ‘A Sweeter Thing’). Ordinary people who are sharing their lives and thoughts which are more entertaining, inspiring and true.

I would like to end with my favourite quote from Paul Coelho -Life p92

‘God reveals himself in everything, but the Word is one of his favourite ways of taking action because the Word is Thought transformed into vibration.

The word has greater power than many rituals.’


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Now, that’s a good question! Besides watching the downpours of rain that have fallen in the Northwest recently. The allotment has been waterlogged and it would appear that the weeds actually love this environment. Ah if only we could eat them, I could share them with you all.

I have been grappling with a new web hosting site which has definitely taxed my brain but the good thing is that when you have finished, look at, think ‘actually that’s not too bad’ and the headbanging and headache has finally gone, it’s a good feeling. It’s a little like writing….keep going…you will get there.

I haven’t finished this blog yet …I’m off to watch Big Brother which I have unfortunately got hooked on this year….so I will continue later….

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This Fun! Part Seven.

I have managed to distract my self by trying out a form of poetry that I discovered browsing the Internet a while ago. Called a Sestina, a French form of poetry, it was described as ‘fun’. Now I’ve finished, I can conclude that it was really, as it stretched the brain cells…. which can only be good..N’est pas? Not one hundred percent sure that I have been successful but worth a try.

Au Revoir.

     Space Love and Wine

As I observe this endless space
I pause and wonder of love
This prize? is it only upon this earth
Or can it travail the stars?
Does it indeed transcend the heart
Methinks this calls for a glass of wine.


The warmth and taste of a sip of wine
Alone by the fire , my own space
Paying careful heed to my rhythmic heart
Beat softly with the flow of love
Then, as I’m exalted by the height of stars
My feet still grasp the dour earth


Those elements fulfil their purpose on earth
To nourish that vine, oh sweetest of wine
All the while agitating, stirring  under the stars
Respecting no barrier in mankinds’ space
Never mindful or conscious of any love
A cold and cruel flutter of a heart.


Often nature can cruise the heart
And mix heavenly scalds with the earth
Challenging the soul to stay with love
Nay, never to mix water and wine
Holding all time in a delicate space
Oh, so finical the sparkle of stars


Twinkling and spying the stars
Do tell, the infinity of this: our heart
Expanding and pulling the strings of space
For us to glimpse upon reasons of earth
But keep a moment to enjoy the wine
And savour the promises of love


Oh yes! I can sing the praises of love
As I contemplate the meaning of stars
I can drink and be merry with so much wine
and fill to the brim this old heart
As I tiptoe along apace with my earth
Is it  fohat I touch in this space?


Thus savour the wine that animates the heart
And ponder with us, infinite earth and stars
To find within and without; the space and the love.
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Poetry from a new poet.

corpses of hymns

by ~techni-colour-heart

I tried to say it
truly, i did
the syllables stuck to my tongue
clung to my molars
kicked at the back of my teeth
begging, don’t let us see the light of day
please, let us stay
and brood in this broth
with all the other words you held back
corpses of hymns to unworthy hearts
time proved them right
so we would rather sit
in silent indignation
than waste your gasps for air
yet again

and so i gave in
and swallowed them whole
granted their wish
yet again


This is the work of a young poet that I know and  I would like to share it. The web address is quoted above if you would like to check out other pieces she has written.




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A Cup of Wine

          Raise your cup of wine with me, O’Khayyam          

Not in an Age, but the blink of an eye.

As the tireless sparkle illuminates so briefly,

Let us pause to hear our Gaia sing.

Thus as we sit and toast the cosmos

Beneath the glimmer of this dark sky

Perchance to find upon reflection   

Time to breathe aloud a sigh.    



My other attempts at poetry can be found at:


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This is Fun – Part Six.

To be honest, there have been times when I didn’t think I would get to this stage in my ‘world of fun’. But I have, so onwards and upwards. The Kindle versions of my books have been uploaded so it seemed to be a natural progression, for me, to move onto Createspace and upload both for Print on Demand.

For anyone thinking of doing this for themselves, if you have survived uploading for Kindle (and still have your hair and sanity!) then this is a piece of cake, especially if you use a Template. I like the Kindle, I really do, the idea of having all those books in one place, available at any time! I have the App on my P.C (the fact that I have just written this sentence and understand what it means will impress my daughters) and have had great fun already especially reading other indie writers work.

But, and this is a big BUT, there is nothing like holding a book in your hands and flicking through the pages, if it’s your own writing it just makes it seem real and gives a wonderful sense of achievement.

So I shall plod on, a sequel to Reflection of a Rainbow has been started, there are cups of coffee to be made and games of solitaire to be played. Rock On.


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