Exciting Day!

A serious blog today.

This is an exciting day for me, I have just published the first issue of Indie Scribe Magazine which can be found on Facebook, a periodical for all Independent Writers: authors, poets and bloggers.

If you have the time to check it out, that would be great! The more the merrier and if you would like to contribute a review of an Indie’s work or a piece of flash fiction, poetry or anything along those lines, I will be pleased to hear from you at:   indiescribemagazine@gmail.com

This is the link, hope to see you there.


Have a good week.

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7 Responses to Exciting Day!

  1. I’m blown away. It’s fantastic!

  2. Reblogged this on Jo Robinson and commented:
    Check out the new Indie Scribe magazine!

  3. I’m in and I’ve invited a few (lots) of FB friends too 🙂

  4. davidrory says:

    I’ve shared this and just read it. Great little mag. I loved Jo’s South African stuff, having just spent time there it was great to get an insiders view.

    • roseshadows says:

      Thank you David much appreciated, I hope you had a good time. I agree about the insiders view, it can be enlightening and offer a different perspective to the Country in question.

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