Ghost Hunt.

Bolling hall 016Bolling hall 017






Last Saturday night hubby (a huge Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures fan) and myself had the most fun we’ve had for ages. Starting at nine o’clock at night until three in the morning, we made our way with forty plus other people around Bolling Hall, Bradford in the dark with torches. Guided by mediums and psychic detectives we stood in the dark for vigils, did glass on the table stuff and waited for the ghosts to appear. Hubby heard a baby cry in the Green Room and although this was the only experience we had, others were feeling presences around them and their hair being touched.

Being townies, we never (unless there’s a power cut) truly live in the dark and when the lights went out in the house. It was total darkness. You couldn’t see your hand in front of your face!

We were allowed for a short time to wander around by ourselves, which we did and started to take photos. Until the flash went off you didn’t know what you were taking a picture of and I’m afraid we got a bit carried away….


Bolling hall 025


If you fancy a night out that’s different why not give it a try or maybe you already have? I will definitely do it again.

As I am becoming a photographic junkie, here are some pictures that I took on the way.Bradfrod City Centre


View from the coach

View from the coach

View from the coach

We were moving!

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  2. I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. If you’d like to accept, please go here:

  3. roseshadows says:

    Thank you Jo. That’s so kind and appreciated.

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