Lizard Attack

This is scary, what a brave woman you are Jo!
Here in the UK my youngest has just got a crested gecko that is about five inches long and my other daughter has a snake….all I know is that it is red!!! She covers it up when I visit.

Jo Robinson

I’m very anti killing any sort of creature. Sometimes though, if they pose a mortal threat to humans around here or any of my feathered and furred horde, I do assist them off this mortal coil. Like the one and a half metre mamba in my office that I nearly stood on last year. Can’t have snakes that can have you dead in a couple of hours in or around the house.

A huge monitor lizard has been popping up around and about lately scaring the crap out of everyone. I was hoping that he’d just go away. No such luck though. I chased him out of the palm tree the other day, where he was ripping open weaver nests and eating the baby birds. Actually I threw a candle holder at him from the window I spotted him from, not being keen to go near the nasty looking bugger…

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing Rose! 🙂

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