This is fun – part nine.

It’s a slow process but I’m still here, my coffee cup has doubled in size and the nails are a pinky brown. I have over the months added posters and scraps of paper with quotes that I find inspirational to my wall as I sit here and write. My new book ‘The Singing Fish’ is….progressing nicely. There are times when Life, that crazy old thing, gets in the way of our dreams and aspirations and catches us in her web wherein we can forget what makes us happy or even just content. So today I would like to share the following with you:

‘Whenever we need to make a very important decision, it is best to trust impulse and passion

because reason usually tries to remove us from our dream

saying the time is not yet right

Reason is afraid of defeat

but intuition enjoys life and it’s challenges’  Page 70.

I must admit that Paulo Coelho is my favourite author at the moment, so as long as Mr. Coelho doesn’t mind you may find a few more quotes coming your way.

finally, a little self promotion, my novella:

will be available as a free Kindle download  on March 9th and 10th. So my darlings if you fancy a nice little book to read this weekend here it is!

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