Birthday party and life insurance

Last weekend, I went to my little bro’s 50th birthday party. Happy Birthday! Michael Parkinson selling you over 50’s life cover will be through your door any day now!

On a personal note, I thought I handled turning 50 quite well until Mr. Parkinson’s smiling face came through my letterbox, telling me that I didn’t even need to have a medical to qualify for life insurance. Realising that those Sun Life adverts are now aimed at me brought me into a world of reality I wasn’t ready for!

Getting dressed up and having a good time with family was great fun. Drinks, great food and a good band playing live, what more can you ask for?

Oh, how about that older woman who’s had a few wines, is quite jolly and goes up to the band to gush tell them how wonderful she thinks they are? Mmm, yes unfortunately that was me. Oh my,  I never dreamt I would be that person…..where is that Michael Parkinson leaflet?

If you’d like to check the band out yourselves here’s a link.

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