Bee’s and chunky ears.

Now that I have recovered, I thought I would share my eventful but slightly painful weekend.

Every Friday is Allotment day (just in case you might be wondering what an Allotment is…here in the UK most towns and cities have a designated section of land which is divided into Allotments and these can be rented by people living in the local vicinity to grow their own vegetables/flowers. They date from the WW2 and are still very popular) and was a normal day, weeding etc. When I got home that evening however, my ear started tingling and my response as usual was ‘that someone must be talking about me’ but as time went on and the tingle turned into a burn, I thought ‘Good grief I’ve really cheesed someone off’ (or words to that effect). When I discovered that my ear had doubled in size then it was obvious that something had bitten me, so out came the antihistamines.

That was bad enough but then on Sunday, whilst at the allotment again, it was my turn for shop duties, one of the other allotment holders came and said

“The Bee Man’s here would you like to come and watch him open the hive?”

Well, it seemed a good idea at the time… until bees got stuck in my hair and of course I was stung! When I recounted the episode to my daughters, of how there was myself and two other people lifting up my hair to try and get them out and how I could hear them buzzing and getting angrier and angrier, when they had finished killing themselves laughing dutifully reminded me of how I had told them when they were young to keep away from bees.

So I finished the weekend with a sore head and a chunky ear. Such fun!

End Note: The bees eventually escaped and no harm came to them.

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