This is fun Part Eight!

Firstly, I would like to say that I haven’t been sucked into a ‘Big Brother’ void and been there since my last post.

Part Eight on being a new writer is here. The book is written, ‘Kindled‘ and ‘Createspaced.’ I have started a sequel but now I think I have come to a good place. My ego has passed the ‘I may have written a Best Seller’ phase. Having been through the above self-publishing I can say that I admire anyone who follows/has followed this route.

What I have discovered I believe is more valuable to me as a being in the human race. Being a writer is lonely and isolated and I’ll be honest, part of me is quite glad of this, but this journey is more than that, more than just self-expression and actually putting yourself out there to a big, wide world open to praise or criticism. It’s about the world that comes to  you. From philosophical bloggers, photographers and artists, other writers’ and even ‘magic in the middle cookies’ (thank you ‘A Sweeter Thing’). Ordinary people who are sharing their lives and thoughts which are more entertaining, inspiring and true.

I would like to end with my favourite quote from Paul Coelho -Life p92

‘God reveals himself in everything, but the Word is one of his favourite ways of taking action because the Word is Thought transformed into vibration.

The word has greater power than many rituals.’


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2 Responses to This is fun Part Eight!

  1. tbmlister says:

    Trucking on when you think that nobody cares is difficult. But, ultimately, admirable.

    (And of course, somebody always cares)

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