This Fun! Part Seven.

I have managed to distract my self by trying out a form of poetry that I discovered browsing the Internet a while ago. Called a Sestina, a French form of poetry, it was described as ‘fun’. Now I’ve finished, I can conclude that it was really, as it stretched the brain cells…. which can only be good..N’est pas? Not one hundred percent sure that I have been successful but worth a try.

Au Revoir.

     Space Love and Wine

As I observe this endless space
I pause and wonder of love
This prize? is it only upon this earth
Or can it travail the stars?
Does it indeed transcend the heart
Methinks this calls for a glass of wine.


The warmth and taste of a sip of wine
Alone by the fire , my own space
Paying careful heed to my rhythmic heart
Beat softly with the flow of love
Then, as I’m exalted by the height of stars
My feet still grasp the dour earth


Those elements fulfil their purpose on earth
To nourish that vine, oh sweetest of wine
All the while agitating, stirring  under the stars
Respecting no barrier in mankinds’ space
Never mindful or conscious of any love
A cold and cruel flutter of a heart.


Often nature can cruise the heart
And mix heavenly scalds with the earth
Challenging the soul to stay with love
Nay, never to mix water and wine
Holding all time in a delicate space
Oh, so finical the sparkle of stars


Twinkling and spying the stars
Do tell, the infinity of this: our heart
Expanding and pulling the strings of space
For us to glimpse upon reasons of earth
But keep a moment to enjoy the wine
And savour the promises of love


Oh yes! I can sing the praises of love
As I contemplate the meaning of stars
I can drink and be merry with so much wine
and fill to the brim this old heart
As I tiptoe along apace with my earth
Is it  fohat I touch in this space?


Thus savour the wine that animates the heart
And ponder with us, infinite earth and stars
To find within and without; the space and the love.
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