Book Review: Price of a Bounty ‘reliance on citizens makes us great’

Price of a BountyPrice of a Bounty by S.L. Wallace

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Price of a Bounty by SL Wallace –Review.
‘Price of a Bounty’ is a fast-paced novel with plenty of action. With main protagonists that all have their own secrets and inhabit an unequal world where; as they are all drawn together into a web of intrigue, they have to decide who they can and cannot trust.
Around this, with an assassin, resistance movement, murder, theft and a dash of romance, SL Wallace deftly takes us on their journey with surprising twists and turns that keep you wondering what is going to happen next; right up to the last chapters.
Her skilful style of telling the story through the viewpoints of different characters giving insights into the personality and logic of each persona, gives the reader a chance to get to know and care about them.
Well written and thoroughly enjoyable. I am genuinely looking forward to the sequel ‘Canvas Skies’.

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