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Yes indeed, Christmas day has come and gone. 2012 looms and there’s nothing you can do but head straight towards it. So….to try and spread a little more happiness…..with an idea for the New Year.

If you are like me (you may be thinking; thanks but no thanks! But fortunately I can’t hear you!) there are times when you watch literary critics on the TV, hear them on the radio, read their comments in newspapers and magazine and if you consider that they are so well read and would like to be that well informed, I would like to share the following pieces with you, from that marvellous book ‘How To Become Ridiculously Well-Read In One Evening’ *

If however you’ve already read it, then alas, this blog is of no use to you. ‘You clever old sausage!’ But then as a challenge, how about writing your own little verse, blog or piece about a book that you’ve read???

The Mill on the Floss 
George Eliot:
There’s trouble at t’mill caused by wakem,
Who, Tulliver claims, wants to break ‘em;
While Maggie’s great joy
Is to court Wakem’s boy,
‘Such liaisons,’ says Tom, ‘you can’t shake ‘em.’
Stephen Guest makes her error much greater –
He’s charming and eager to date ‘er,
And poor crippled Phil
Feels the desolate chill
Of rejection in love, but can’t hate ‘er
A boat ride with Stephen proves fateful
For Maggie feels wretched, not grateful;
She stoutly says : ‘No’
To stirrings below,
Then she drowns in a flood, which is hateful.
Tom Hopkins   p.59
The Mayor of Casterbridge
Thomas Hardy:
Never sell your wives to sailors when the booze is in the blood;
You may rise to civic honours, but your name will still be mud;
Rivals take your trade and profit, promised spouses let you down,
‘Daughters’ find their rightful fathers, ruin drives you from the town,
Lonely death at last shall take you whom all other firneds refuse.
Better bear domestic boredom, better barricade the booze.
Mary Holtby p. 82
Lady Chatterley’s Lover
D.H. Lawrence:
Smart girls make passes
At the working classes.
Wendy Cope p. 112
The day of the Triffids
John Wyndham:
A dazzling pretty comet shower
Causes universal blindness; in the wings
Lurks a hideous and evil-tempered flower
That strolls about and rattles as it stings
The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders
A walking, talking veg.? It chills the spine! Daniel Defoe:
(But also gives a novel way of glossing Moll Flanders – a girl of the street –
That slightly surrealistic highway sign Was well-versed in the art of deceit;
Advising: CAUTION! HEAVY PLANT CROSSING) Transported for crime,
Moll repents in good time,
The blinded population gets quite panicky; She’s the felon who fell on her feet.
There’s lots of mayhem, pillage, rape and looting. V. Ernest Cox p.45
The triffids kill them off – they thrive on anarchy,
With their unbotanical approach to rooting.
The history of Mr Polly
The sighted hero (Bill) and girlfriend (Jo) H.G. Wells:
In a commune on the Downs (neat Upper Beeding) Inefficient Mr Polly
Make a bonfire of the triffids (see them glow!) Suffered much from melancholy,
And devote themselves to years of happy breeding. Loathed his business and his wife,
Peter Norman p. 180 Never seemed to fight for life;
Yet won a lady and her pub
Despite her brutal nephew’s snub.
The story’s moral’s clear enough:
Even you can thrash a rough,
So if you feel your life’s a flop
Leave your wife and burn your shop,
Paddle off and live in sin
With the owner of an inn.
Paul Griffin p.177
  • How To Become Ridiculously Well-Read In One Evening. A Collection of Literary Encapsulations, Compiled and edited by E.O. Parrott. Penguin Books, London, (1986).

A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year Wish Yo You All. Don’t forget to follow the Bloghop!

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    I’m really, really sorry.



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