Weather to or not!

I couldn’t sleep last night so early this morning, I watched the weather reports on the early morning news. I was informed that it was very cold and there would be snow on the hills. So, when I took our dog out I wrapped up nice and warm, thick jumper and socks, nice warm track suit bottoms, coat, hat and gloves etc. I even put Snatch’s coat on him. Was it cold???…..NO.

So really, you can imagine how I felt when walking back home, down our street to our house, looking as if I and the dog were in the Arctic, passing my neighbours who were casually dressed with cardigans on….All I needed was a shopping trolley.

This is my life!

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2 Responses to Weather to or not!

  1. The weather here is driving me crazy too. It was 70 today. 70 degrees! But 42 this morning. I don’t have an outfit that takes me from 42 to 70 and back. Thank goodness you did not have that trolley!

  2. roseshadows says:

    My sympathies, if you ever get desperate, you know where I am, we could go 50-50 and share a trolley!

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