Illusions of Grandeur – Announcement

And Other Stories

Oakey Dokey folks! A glass of wine and self-promotion again! On the left is the cover of my latest production: Illusions of Grandeur and Other Short Stories.

Right, thats that done.

One of the hardest things about writing that I have found is, finding my style.  The way that I like to write and what form of writing comes more naturally to me. Of course then there is the added pressure of will anyone like or want to read it. This is something of course that you discover the more you get those ideas and words down on paper (or Word, what a brilliant invention, with the old fashioned manual typewriter I believe I would have gone quite mad by now!) Listen to me, talking as if I am an old pro (Professional) I shall probably revisit my own blog at some time in the future and remind myself.

I think this may be the right time to share my favourite poem: A Cup of Wine. Will be back in a mo, I’ve got to find it……Here we are, I hope you like it too.


                        A Cup of Wine

Raise your cup of wine with me, O’Khayyam          

Not in an Age, but the blink of an eye.

As the tireless sparkle illuminates so briefly,

Let us pause to hear our Gaia sing.

Thus as we sit and toast the cosmos

Beneath the glimmer of this dark sky

Perchance to find upon reflection   

Time to breathe aloud a sigh.           

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