This is fun – part four

I think this might be turning into a series.  Right okay, I’ve eaten chocolate, drank coffee, my lord and master is watching footie. Oh and I’ve painted my nails. Now to blog. To all those who are thinking about blogging and self – promotion, still a little ‘ugh’ but it’s getting better.

Having mind-boggled myself silly, I decided to restrict myself to WordPress and . These are the best sites that I have come across so far and staying with these two will make it easier for me. (There will be of course other good sites, but these are the ones that I have chosen) I think I would rather meet other writers and readers and hopefully get to know them a little, rather than stretch all over the place and just be known as someone who is trying to promote their book.

I think many writers could be described as loners, but oddly enough there is quite a large community of these ‘Loners’

Well as I’ve finished with my thoughts for today, I shall share something more light-hearted that has amazed me on the wonderful ‘World Wide Web’ . Today Iwas skyping with my daughter and she kept missing letters as she was writing so I said as a joke that she was ‘finger stuttering’ and as a further joke (this is my sense of humour) I said I would Google it, and do you know, I found a video on YouTube about …. finger stuttering!!   Wow!

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