Next move

I don’t know if I mentioned that I love to write. Just in case I didn’t I do. I have decided to have a break from self-promotion for a few days. I have joined writers groups, added comments, some of which I can’t remember where. I have ‘Log in’ and ‘Register details’ swimming around my head.

So I’m going back to what I love to do and write. I have been reviewing some short stories that I have written, with the intention of publishing them as a collection and continuing with other work that I have started.

My main relaxing activity this afternoon will be moving my share of manure onto my allotment. This space has been one of the best things in my life, I never thought I would get so excited over potatoes, tomatoes and sweetcorn. I even love seeing the ground when it is empty and has just been dug over. Maybe one day I will post a picture of it. There is something so rewarding about working on the land, even a small plot. Its not just what you can grow but the peace and quiet, the opportunity to think or not think, whatever you feel like doing. Shut yourself away from the world and just be. The earth doesn’t judge or criticise, that is mans’ creation.

Well, now I’ve cheered you all up, I shall go to bed and dream of onions and beans!

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3 Responses to Next move

  1. Luke Brookes says:

    as you write above about stories you have written I would love to read some if you were to make a page on your blog for space on your short stories, and I also love the earth and would love to have a Potato patch of my own were I can also grow veg of my own for two reasons, the first being what you said above about the peace and no judgement and the second being if I grow my own veg it is a lot cheaper than going to shop and buying them lol

    love to read some of your short stories i hope you post some on here for all us to read.

    keep up the good blogging 🙂

  2. roseshadows says:

    I’m really sorry… Thanks Luke.

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