Fun? I think so….

I’m still getting used to Facebook, so finding out what I am doing here is fun but a little nerve-wracking. Especially when I sit here and think ‘ Now how did I do that?’

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3 Responses to Fun? I think so….

  1. Luke Brookes says:

    As I am currently started a new blog in a different way (not using using wordpress database software) but I felt the same way when I first posted my first blog I have only written 3 blogs to date as I try not to blog to much but I’m sure I will be writing more as I blog more and more and have things to blog about, I first started writing about my life on Twitter then found there’s a lot more things I could blog about if I had more than 140 characters long.

    If you want you can view my blog by going to – or following me on twitter @FearThePeanuts

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